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Сегодня — вторник, 18 декабря 2018 г.
. твой салат. 19:50:34

i'm your huckleb­erry

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality"

Кажется, настало время грустно лежать и смотреть в потолок.

Категории: #мюсли
19:57:57 Ну такое 69
Харе нуть епта
19:58:35 твой салат.
Держи В Курсе <З
\\ 200 рыбных бургеров 17:05:04

ДС сосатб

это был стеб?
дэш печет кексики с пинкаминой

сомневаюсь что создатели не в курсе фанфика

Категории: MLP
\\\ 200 рыбных бургеров 12:52:55

ДС сосатб

я конечно шиперю эплджек с рарити
но и эплджек/дэш
тоже не плохо

Категории: MLP
Вчера — понедельник, 17 декабря 2018 г.
... Seteral 16:29:21
На улице холодно. Желание пойти на улицу сразу отпадает. Приходится сидеть дома, и торчать в Интернете. И форумов новых нет. Что сегодня за день? Не день, а скука. Уже готов взять AK-47 и пойти расстреливать все и всех. Печально.
Позавчера — воскресенье, 16 декабря 2018 г.
Фыва пролдж Айфон XXX 15:32:01

у вас хорошее­ настрое­ние отклеил­ось

Небольшая реклама сервисов

1) Если, вдруг, внезапно, нежданно-негаданно,­ ваш хостинг перестал отображать пикчи на беоне, а показать свои топовые аватарощки нужно людям :-[­
То вот пожалуйста:
Ест любые форматы, не режет качество
Из минусов: не больше 10мб файл и рекламы всякой + все открывается по разным окнам ну и вероятность, что он может точно также перестать работать

2) Если вам надо обрезать картинку/гиф, уменьшить метраж гифки, изменить размер до стонастошки, конвертировать видео-формат в гиф, то
Все операции производятся в браузере, ставить ничего не надо
Можно работать с телефона
Фыва пролдж Айфон XXX в сообществе Neon Dreams 13:27:14

у вас хорошее­ настрое­ние отклеил­ось


Категории: Neon, Static
пятница, 14 декабря 2018 г.
консумеризм в анимал кросинк МАЭСТРO 21:25:33

даме ту косита

21:39:45 daimaou2001
воо норма
21:40:46 МАЭСТРO
ну как
21:53:38 daimaou2001
завтра почитаю щас спатьь
11:28:00 МАЭСТРO
Deciding a knowledge question the Millennial way! Some of the "answers" in here are so wrong and outright shameful, that it hurts reading them. But apparently most people in here believe in them and eat them up like if they were objective truth. Lets show them some advertisements, and...
Deciding a knowledge question the Millennial way!

Some of the "answers" in here are so wrong and outright shameful, that it hurts reading them. But apparently most people in here believe in them and eat them up like if they were objective truth. Lets show them some advertisements, and hope that they buy stuff. You guys seriously have a problem - if you take that "decision process" to anything concerning legal matters. Its basic ignorance at display - nothing else.

Here are some of the cornerstones in all of this, and how things really work.

- HACKING is not illegal, if you call it reverse engineering, and you are applying it to products you own - without prior knowledge about said product that could have been illegally obtained (f.e. by information theft).

Lets explain why. Fundamentally - trying to understand things you own is not illegal. Although an entire generation of smartphone users tries their hardest to make it "feel that way". Trying to make them work differently - again, is not illegal. Fundamentally - they are your property once you bought them - not the companies, that sold them to you.

Taking that understanding - and even producing your own products that work EXACTLY like your competitors ones - isnt illegal. FRANKLY its EXACTLY what Compaq, HP and a few other silicon (*spit*) valley companies did - about 50 years ago - to help jumpstart the "PC revolution". They hacked and reverse engineered IBM computers bit, by bit - then sold their own "IBM compatible" mashines for cheap. Bill Gates (if you have ever heard of that name) made his fortune, by first selling an IBM compatible DOS (software that was written, not by him - for an architecture not created by those he sold it to - see: https://forwardthin­king.pcmag.com/s...-­dos-how-microsoft-go­t-the-ibm-pc-os-cont­ract ) of all things, and not got it made, because he went with IBM all the way - but basically, because he embodied the clone makers infrastructure - and decided to sell software for whatever "compatible devices" those upstarter clonemakers produced. Fast forward a few years - richest man on the Forbes list.

If you want to look it up google "white room reverse engineering" and how it was used legally in court to make HPs and Compaqs behaviour back then legal.

- TOS are NOT legally binding agreements. You goofs. They are pseudo formal contracts, you cant change or negotiate on your part, companies use to remove themselves from as much legally binding responsibilities as possible - then say, you agree to them, if you click button - or use service. THE MOST that can happen, by you "breaking them" - is the company not providing you a service any longer. Which is perfectly their right - since they arent a government entity.

I know that becoming complacent service slaves, and following rules that someone just onesidedly made up, is the premier hobby of many young people in this generation - but please try to understand, that with buying products - you also buy certain ownership rights. Like - you'd theoretically have the right to take them apart, or repair them. And one such right also is figuring out how they work. Which interestingly enough f.e. is also why Linux, or the internet exist - but dont mind those - you'd be just as happy in your smartphone/facebook­ (formerly AOL) bubbles - getting "feels" on how the world works.

Also - and this might surprise you, you cant be made to sign a TOS just to use a product you bought. That would require you to sign said contract at the POS - which companies would not like. The closest we have come - as a civilization to circumvent that principle is current amazon products - which dont allow the user to do anything with - unless you "connect" them to an online service. Please understand, that you are still allowed to hack them - and that all Amazon can do about it, is to ban you from the service. Which is an issue - because Amazon is a horizontal Monopoly in many fields... Also something you could think about one day... But dont overdo it...

- If police raids you - you are not a convicted fallon - also, the reason given - might be important. Here is how this works. The police has no legislative power - at all. This is a little concept we call "separation of power" maybe you have heard of it - its at the base of every democracy on earth. If you go by what that brick Geohotz Youtube videos look like - you might sure think he was involved in illegal activities - but you havent seen the court papers, have you? Also, he might have been (I dont follow that bricks career), but console hacking was not one of them.

- If you buy a phone - and the carrier locks it to his network, to make more money of of you, turns out device hacking actually was made explicitly legal - to remove that. Under US law in 2014 ( https://thehackerne­ws.com/2014/08/hurra­y-unlocking-your-cel­l-phone-is_1.html ) and the reason this had to be written out, was - that there are too many idiots in this world - who only know what the word hacker means to them, based on watching hollywood movies - and news reports from people who put hoodloms in hoodies, because they have to produce pictures. Which brings us to my last point -

- Hackers are not "illegaly breaking into companies servers" all the time, "stealing their data" - they are at its core - trying to understand technological systems. Play around with them, change their behavior. If what they do is not "theft", "fraud", "solicitation" - or any number of made up "cybercrimes" that came with the catchy "cyber, cyber" phrase to begin with - what they do, generally speaking is legal. There are specific side laws, the industry had to lobby into existence (like "circumventing DRM is illegal") that exist on the level of "non criminal law" (the same thing that you and your neighbor use in court to settle differences) that has the equivalent power of giving you a slap on the wrist and taking all your months lunch money. Thats about it.

If you get into illegally infiltrating company networks on the other hand - its a different story. If thats the entire image you have of "hackers" in your mind - then leave homebrew communities now. Nothing is more effective as an insult.

- Last point. If all people followed the millenial mindset of "don't think about things", "follow your feelings", and "follow all rules, that are suggested to you", - no one but maybe an old professor in an institutional tower would be allowed to understand how things work anymore. I'm glad that you are aiming for that world - but please dont make me talk to you much more, this evening...

I hope this leads to a better understanding of the matter -


also - never forget, that the entire world is not the US of A, and rules in other parts of the world might be different. Thank you. What a wonderful usage of asking "- or what?" questions on the web you got out of your smartphone there...
тест АЛЬвица 20:21:29
<center><img src="http://www.dra­gonlance.ru/uploads/­site/Image/race/elf.­jpg" width="400" height="150" border="0" alt="Эльф!"><br><b>­Вы эльф!</b><br>Пройти­
« Вот — я, весь боль и ушиб » Fisam 17:11:00
Вам завещаю я сад фруктовый

Моей великой души.

Или с чего начать приветствие.

Времени суток. Не думаю, что мне стоит расходиться и писать о себе все подробно, потому что талантом к писательству я с роду не обладаю. Читать будет скучно, да и будем признательны, кому оно к чёрту сдалось?

Что я из себя представляю: художник, от слова <<дайте денег>>, игральщик на укулеле (это такая гитара в миниатюре, но детская и четырехструнная, как раз для меня), ярый фанат Толкина, Маяковского. Либераст, гетераст и другие не менее обидные слова. Господин в пижаме и любитель плотно покушать. На словах Лев Толстой, а на деле недоразвитый ребенок с кривой точкой мнения, Габен по соционике и диванный мыслитель, ака Обломов. Со своим Гексли (любименьким).

Зачем тут?
А вы тут зачем?
Понятия не имею. Хочу делиться тем, что могу, знаю, думаю, не умею, но хочу уметь.

Немного программист...немно­го.

Физмат, грустненький, Рыцарь Надежды (да, да, Хоумстак!).

Как говорится: В тихом омуте черти водятся, напиваются, танцуют и разговаривают о смысле бытия.


Музыка aquilo - you there
Хочется: Напиться
Категории: Новый, Интересы, Текст
17:15:54 chigurh
С дневником)
12425 R14 в сообществе Чистое небо 03:24:39

Категории: Панцирники, Хоумстак

О, я копал! хДД > Изюм (записи, возможно интересные автору дневника)

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